Software Developer
Last update : June 15 2020
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Paris, France 📍

Employment History 💼

⟩   🆕   Software Engineer at Freebox
Permanent contract (2019 - now) Paris, FR
  • Built and successfully deployed a new iOS app.
    • Development of an iOS app from scratch.
    • Creation of a product and tech roadmap.
    • Working with other developers and designers to develop product+tech oriented features around Home security system management and smart home monitoring.
    • Reviewed design requirements and wireframes for technical feasibility.
  • Development of Swift Packages for internal use (& redaction of documentation).
    • A UI components packages (UIKit & SwiftUI) shared between apps
    • A network abstraction stack packaged.
  • Development and maintenance of 4 existing iOS apps.
  • Setup a testing and a continuous integration environment with Jenkins & Fastlane for multiple projects including mobile iOS and Android Apps to improve products quality.
  • Development of a NodeJS server side application.
  • Working with IOT standards for security systems.
  • Research and development over Augmented Reality framework for iOS.
⟩ iOS developer at
Permanent contract (2014 - 2019) Paris, FR
  • Development and maintenance of the Leboncoin iOS products and apps.
    • Development of unit and UI tests for the Leboncoin iOS app.
    • Development of distributed iOS Swift frameworks and static librairies (for internal and external usage).
    • Modularized the core Leboncoin app's features.
    • Working with protobuf serialization technology with swift-protobuf.
  • Setting up quality control, code review, continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions.
    • Working with Gerrit code-review solution for code review process.
    • Created a continous delivery flow with Fastlane.
    • Built a CI environment with Jenkins.
  • Conducting user tests and designing user centric features.
  • Working with scrum and agile standards.
  • Working in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Working in a T-Shape environment:
    • Development of web micro service in Go.
    • Development of Android app's features with Kotlin.
⟩ Developer at Egos Ventures
Internship, 6 month (2014) Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Architecture and model design for services and products.
  • Sound and image processing.
  • iOS and Android apps development (native).
  • Development of unit test framework for internal use and development of unit tests for the in-productions solutions.
  • Added UI Tests for apps.
  • Gobal quality improvements for the in-house software, services and apps.
⟩ Java developer at ThinkMyApp
Internship, 4 month (2013) Rueil Malmaison, FR
  • Development of parsing algorithms loaded on servers that treat big amount of data.
  • Development of java software for external use.

Skills 💪

Programming :

Good expertise level of the most used programming paradigms in Swift : object oriented and protocol oriented.
Strong knowledge in scripting programming and usage of their interpreter.
Good knowledge in functional and procedural.
→ Swift, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, Go, C, Bash, Python.

Design Patterns :

→ Creational : Singleton
→ Structural : MVC, MVVM, VIPER
→ Behavioral : Observer (RX)

Frameworks :

Strong knowledge in the Apple ecosystem OS (iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and tvOS) frameworks
→ CocaTouch+UIKit/SwiftUI

Good understanding of OpenCV's Image Processing framework
Other GUI frameworks such as SDL for C, pyQt and Tk for Python.


NoSQL (with MongoDB) and SQL (with MySQL, PostgreSQL).
CoreData for Apple systems.

Education 🎓

2014 : Bachelor Software Architecture
ESGI, Paris 12e
Extra Curriculum : Founder and President of the Coding Dojo Club
2012 : Higher Degree Certificate in Software & IT
Saint Michel de Picpus, Saint Mandé
Spécialisation : Software development
2011 : Baccalaureate in Social and Economical Sciences

Cours Progress, Paris 3e

Languages 🌍

🇫🇷 Français : read, write, speak native
🇺🇸 English : read, write, speak

Anything else ? 😊